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About us / News / 22. June 2022
Udo Dahmen and MINE

New Podcast with Prof. Udo Dahmen and MINE

22. June 2022

Prof. Udo Dahmen starts a podcast with the Berlin singer Mine. In "Erklär mir Pop extra - mit MINE und Udo" the two talk about outstanding songs of pop music and their stories. In the process, they take turns bringing along their favorite hits and presenting them, enriched with personal stories.

Prof. Udo Dahmen is Artistic Director and Managing Director of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, Vice President of the German Music Council, President of the European Percussion Association Percussion Creativ and member of the Speaker's Council of the German Cultural Council.

Mine began making music as a child. After studying jazz singing in Mainz, Mine began her master's degree in Popular Music with a focus on "Producing and Composing Artist" at the Popakademie in 2011. She has been successfully touring with her own music since 2013 and has released several albums and EPs since then.
Two generations with different musical tastes - but a passion for pop music - entertaining and informative at the same time. On May 28th, the first episode was released, which is about the song "once in a lifetime" (Talking Heads). The podcast is always released on the last Saturday of the month and is available in the ARD Audiothek, on and wherever podcasts are available.

Click here for the podcast