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About us / News / 18. March 2024
Popakademie Sessions © Lea Piazza

YouTube continues partnership with Popakademie

18. March 2024

The YouTube funding focuses on the provision of study-related support, which benefits Popakademie students from both the "Music and Creative Industries" and "Popular Music" departments. In addition, there is mediation and knowledge transfer with regard to the use of generative AI tools for students.

"The partnership with the Popakademie is an affair of the heart for us, where we can discover new talent in the music industry and promote creativity. In addition to financial support, knowledge transfer is also important to us. In times of rapid change, especially in the field of AI, we want to offer students the opportunity to expand their skills in this forward-looking field and get to know AI tools," says Kiki Ganzemüller, Manager, EMEA Music Partnerships Google.

"Since 2018, YouTube has supported our students with almost 100 scholarships in various programs. We are delighted that this successful collaboration is now being extended and that YouTube will continue to support the Popakademie," said Managing Directors Derek von Krogh (Artistic Director) and Michael Herberger (Business Director).

Alex Wolf, Head of Institute Music and Creative Industries Practice & Corporate Communications Popakademie Baden-Württemberg: "We are very pleased to consolidate and further expand our existing cooperation with YouTube. The close collaboration will be particularly exciting in terms of teaching generative AI tools and their potential uses for students from both a creative and commercial perspective."

Scholarships such as the Deutschlandstipendium support outstanding achievements and innovative ideas. The Futuremakers Funding program supports students in artistic activities: For example, video and audio recordings, stage productions or a tour can be funded. The Futuremakers Work Experience gives students the opportunity to receive financial support during compulsory internships at home or abroad. The Konferenzsupport provides funding for participation at the Reeperbahn Festival. Funding is also provided for the tour bus of the top funding program Bandpool, the established conference format Future Music Camp and student projects that create audiovisual content. For example, the Popakademie Sessions, which are being redesigned this year and already comprise eight seasons. Watch the Sessions on YouTube!