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About us / News / 20. April 2020
From left to right: Nina Addin, Charlotte Schenk and Christina Raack

Music business graduate publishes third children's radio play

20. April 2020

"Eule findet den Beat mit Gefühl" is the title of the music radio play that music business graduate Nina Addin and her team colleagues Charlotte Schenk and Christina Raack launched at the end of March. After "Eule findet den Beat" and "Eule findet den Beat auf Europatour" it is already the trio's third album. With their successful radio plays, the three are also going on an owl tour throughout Germany with a theatre concert for young and old.

Rolf Zuckowski, godfather of the owl from the very beginning, says "The little owl goes on what is probably its most exciting journey. This time it doesn't lead out into the wide world, but deep into what lies dormant in all of us: feelings, dreams, joy but also sadness. There's a lot to discover with wonderful new songs to listen to and sing along to. In songs like "Jeder braucht Liebe" or "Keine Angst vor Monstern" the owl deals with music as the language of feelings and once again plays itself into the hearts of children and adults.

Nina Addin studied the Bachelor of Arts Music Business at the Popakademie until 2011, worked for Styleheads and Four Music and is currently Senior Product Manager at Universal Music. For her Owl Heart Project she is the interface between the music industry and producers and musicians.

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