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About us / News / 22. July 2020
Fine Stammnitz in conversation with Jo Schück from ZDF

Music business graduate with Green Touring Network at aspekte on ZDF

22. July 2020

"What can the cultural scene do to become more climate friendly? And why is it still such an important issue now that the industry is struggling hard enough because of Corona?" The music business graduate and founder of the Green Touring Network Fine Stammnitz asked herself these questions in the ZDF programme aspekte on tour.

The episode of 17.07. was dedicated to the topic GREEN ART and the question of what the cultural and music scene can do to become more climate friendly. In an interview with presenter Jo Schück, Fine explains why it is not unsexy for bands to keep their CO2 balance low. The segment is available online in the ZDF Mediathek (interview from minute 32).

Fine Stammnitz studied the Bachelor of Arts Music Business with a focus on Community Management and then searched for suitable job offers to realize her vision of a more sustainable music industry. Since she could not find a suitable job offer, she quickly developed the Green Touring Network, which originally emerged from a cooperation between the Popakademie, the Green Music Initiative and the Music Management kollektif. Together with her team, she advises and supports artists and all other players in the industry in making an active contribution to environmental protection - especially on tour. In addition, the network is intended to serve as a platform for the exchange of ideas, in order to jointly and actively search for innovative, sustainable ideas for the industry. In the first action of the network "Stay at home #changeyourstrom" 50 artists participated, including Clueso, Mine, Max Herre and Mogli.

In addition to her commitment to sustainability, Fine also works as an artist manager for the two bands Cinemagraph and Llucid and, with her company Zündstoff Coaching, advises artists on their individual path.