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About us / News / 02. December 2019
Michael und Lucas

MCI students bring pop music to hospitals

02. December 2019

Bringing pop music to extraordinary places and doing good at the same time - this is what the two Music and Creative Industries students Lucas Pentzek and Michael Götting have set their sights on with their project Clinic Concerts. Together with Sana Klinken AG, they are sending the Munich Folktronica Band VLEMING on a special concert tour through seven Sana clinics in February 2020. With the concert evenings, the initiators pursue the goal of supporting the mental and physical healing processes of the patients and creating special experiences for the medical staff.

The idea behind the project was developed by the two students together with the singer Marvin Langner and implemented in the project workshop, which is an integral part of the practice-oriented Music and Creative Industries degree program. For one semester, the two are currently working intensively on the conception and foundation of the Clinic Concerts brand. Among other things, the booking of the tour, production, financing and marketing of the concert series are on the program.

Besides his studies, Michael Götting is an organizer and booking agent for the agency Primaprima, which is run by alumni and students of the Popakademie. Before his master's degree at the Popakademie, he studied media and political science at the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen. Lucas Pentzek studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and worked for two years as a project manager for GEMA, among others. Besides his studies he works as a manager for various artists, e.g. for FIBEL.

The concerts are not open to the public, but can be attended by interested members of the press after registration at Clinic Concerts (

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