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About us / News / 16. February 2024
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LOI enters #1 Airplaycharts

16. February 2024

Her Single "Am I Enough" just reached number one on official german airplaycharts

LOI, who is studying popmusicdesign at the popakademie since 2021, just reached #1 on the official german airplaycharts with her single "Am i Enough" that was released on november 17th last year.

The single is released via VOLKSMUSIC Records, which was founded by Felix Volk, alumnus of the musicbusiness study. He's also the manager of the artist.

Alongside LOI herself there were more alumni of the popakademie involved in the writing process of the hit single: Chris Cronauer, Jonas Mengler, Louis Leibfried and Felix Volk.

Congratulations to LOI and her team on this success so far