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About us / News / 26. June 2019
Sebastian Fruner (center) with author Arend Remmers (left) and director Martin Schreier (right) in front of the film poster

Film by Popakademie graduate celebrates premiere

26. June 2019

On 24 June "Traumfabrik" celebrated its world premiere in Berlin's Zoopalast. The film's executive producer is Sebastian Fruner, who holds a Master's degree in Music and Creative Industries from the Popakademie.

The film is the first in-house production of the Babelsberg film studio in 20 years.
The highlight of the story is that it takes place at the Babelsberg Film Studio itself, in 1961, when a small actor and a dancer fall in love with each other during a film shoot.

The cast includes Emilia Schüle, Dennis Mojen, Heiner Lauterbach, Ken Duken and Nikolai Kinski. The film was directed by Martin Schreier, who studied at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Sebastian Fruner first completed his music business studies at the Popakademie before turning to the film industry with his creative business studies. In doing so, he is always building a bridge between film and music. Thus he produced his first big feature film "Unsere Zeit ist jetzt" together with the former Cro-Label Chimperator and also takes care of the music for the film himself.
For "Traumfabrik", for example, he used the contact to his former Popakademie fellow student Benny Young, Helene Fischer's guitarist, who eventually contributed the title song to the film.

"Traumfabrik" opens in cinemas across Germany on July 4.