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About us / News / 09. December 2022
Hubert Wandjo © Jim Rakete

Hubert Wandjo gives last lecture at Popakademie - An era ends

09. December 2022

Professor Hubert Wandjo has given his last lecture in Mannheim after almost 20 years at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. He had already handed over his position as managing director, business director and head of the music and creative industries department to his successor Michael Herberger in September. Now he has also finished his task as a lecturer.

The departure of Professor Hubert Wandjo marks the end of an era at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg that began when he joined in 2003. Wandjo played a key role in shaping the Popacademie's corporate culture and, together with artistic director and co-managing director Professor Udo Dahmen, built the university institution into a successful model. The Pop Academy is a pioneer in the academic education of the German music industry and today enjoys national and international recognition. Through the principle of interlocking the content of the departments "Music and Creative Industries" and "Popular Music," as well as the high level of practical relevance and proximity to companies in the music and creative industries, teaching at the Mannheim Pop Academy has set standards.

"Hubert Wandjo has done an outstanding job here from the very beginning. I am very grateful to be able to continue his work and am sure that he will remain associated with the Pop Academy in the future." - Michael Herberger, Managing Director and Business Director of Popakademie Baden-Württemberg.

"Hubert Wandjo has been instrumental in building the Popakademie into the successful model it is today. With the departure of Hubert Wandjo, the Pop Academy says goodbye not only to an outstanding director, business manager and lecturer, but also to a dedicated pioneer of academic education in the music and creative industries, with whom I can look back on many years of successful collaboration. I would like to thank him personally and on behalf of the Pop Academy for his services and all that he has achieved for our university and students over the past 20 years"- Udo Dahmen, Artistic Director and Managing Director of the Pop Academy Baden-Württemberg.

Hubert Wandjo has accompanied hundreds of Bachelor's and Master's students on their successful path into the music and creative industries and is considered the mentor of the Popakademie's oft-cited business alumni network, which spans all sectors of the German music industry.

In 2017, the Pop Academy Baden-Württemberg received the ECHO Award and the LEA Award for its successful work with young talent. Two years later, in May 2018, a study by the FU Berlin described the Pop Academy's music business study program as "pioneering," "exemplary" and "state of the art."
Numerous personalities from the music industry have come to Mannheim over the past 20 years, including many successful music managers and CEOs who visited the Pop Academy to pass on their knowledge. Politicians have also enjoyed a detour to the Pop Academy, including German presidents Horst Köhler and Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

After Hubert Wandjo completed his business studies, the native of Kurpfalz began his professional career directly in the music industry, where he held various managing director positions at Sony Music, Warner Music and BATB until 2003.

From 2003, Wandjo was part of the founding team of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg as managing director alongside Udo Dahmen and Dirk Metzger, and from 2006 he took over as head of the music business department. In 2011, he expanded the department to include a master's degree program in Music and Creative Industries. He has also been responsible for the Pop Academy's renowned BANDPOOL coaching program since 2006, and during this time he has enjoyed the success of the artists who have emerged from it, as well as music industry awards such as gold records. The careers of artists such as Revolverheld, OK Kid, Frida Gold, Max Giesinger, Lotte and most recently of Provinz, Clock Clock and Betterov were co-founded here.

"The 20 years at the Poacademie have been some of the most exciting and enjoyable times in my professional life. I am proud of everything we have achieved and built up here together and wish the Popacademie only the best for the future. I would especially like to thank Udo Dahmen and the entire team for the successful cooperation and wish my successor Michael Herberger all the best and much success in his new role," says Hubert Wandjo.

Hubert Wandjo will continue to work as a consultant in the music and creative industries after his retirement from the Pop Academy. We wish him only the best for his future.