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Polite art with ok.danke.tschüss

16. October 2019

Article by Linda Engelen (FSJ Cluture)

Social criticism and still turn your head off? The synthie-pop band ok.danke.tschüss makes it possible. Danceable energetic beats paired with socially critical lyrics bring escalative fans and silent listeners together. Their art, packaged in colourful joy, should be danceable and best accessible for everyone.

Pop music design students Benni (drums), Lucas (keyboard instruments), Manu (bass) and Eva (vocals) address this issue in their first single "Vincent van Gogh", criticizing elitist vernissages and advocating "art for all". This becomes clear, for example, in the recurrent line "I have one ear more than Vincent van Gogh, and you say I don't understand art".

Their overall concept makes the band's complexity clear: from the accompanying story behind the music to the outfits, everything fits together. In the collection are: 80s clothes, suits of the brand "youlookuglytoday" and sports outfits. Little by little, together with the two music business students Patrick Kruppa (booking & management) and Henri Heiland (conception), they developed a band concept that is completely under the consensus "superficially polite and yet rebellious". The different colours of the clothes are supposed to show the discrepancy between the extremely individualistic world and the desire for unity.

It all began at the notorious Band Exchange, where the freshmen of the Popakademie come together to form bands. So also parts of the current ok.danke.tschüss formation. After several rehearsals together, the band name was soon found. It was mainly influenced by their former guitarist Tim, who said "ok, thank you" or "ok, thank you, bye" when he lost his way while practicing.

If you haven't seen this incredibly happy band, which is also part of Popcamp 2019, here you can go directly to the concert and festival dates.

And if you can also sing along to the lyrics of one of the first released singles ("Vincent van Gogh" or "Rosie"), you have a good chance to make the band laugh. Or leave some (preferably polite!) comments on the net:
There is also the possibility to sign up for the WhatsApp newsletter of the band. Just save 01788842556 in your contacts and send a message with your first name and zip code to the band. Then they will surely not only say goodbye to you, but also hello.

With this in mind: Ok. thank you for being there and please don't say goodbye so quickly.