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About us / News / 28. July 2023
Michael Herberger © Thommy Mardo

For the record(ed) with Michael Herberger

28. July 2023

In the fifth and final episode before the summer break, "For the record(ed.)" host Florian Drücke talks to Michael Herberger.

This has significantly shaped the German music landscape for many years. Some may know Michael as the co-founder of the "Söhne Mannheims". He has contributed significantly to the band's success as a producer, musical director and composer. His exceptional work as a musician has earned him numerous gold and platinum awards as well as three ECHOs, cementing his position as a true master of his craft. In addition to his musical skills, Michael has extensive experience in management, label and publishing, as well as invaluable contacts in the music and TV industries. As of September 15, 2022, Michael has assumed his new role as Business Director and Managing Director of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim. The renowned institution is considered one of the leading educational institutions for the music and creative industries in Germany, serving as an incubator for talent and offering unique academic programs that combine artistic and business aspects of pop music.

Together, the two discuss the status quo of music and music business education and training, delve into the potential of local repertoire and the close relationship between artistic endeavors and economic factors, and take a look at the political environment that fosters the growth of careers and the music industry as a whole.