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About us / News / 22. January 2019
Fibel with the student project group at the video shoot (Photo: YouTube Space)

Fibel publishs music video "Ehrlichkeit"

22. January 2019

On January 20th Fibel released their new music video "Ehrlichkeit" on YouTube. The video was created as part of a project cooperation between the Popakademie and the YouTube Space in Berlin. The creative concept was developed by the music business students Franca Altmann, Lukas Pacak and Verena Post, who worked closely with the band and their label Downbeat Records. The students also planned and supervised the concrete video production including scenery and equipment.

The cooperation project with YouTube Space Berlin is part of the project workshop of the Department of Music and Creative Industries, in which up to 30 projects a year are regularly implemented in cooperation with companies and other institutions of the music and creative industries.

Fibel consists of the pop music design students Jonas Pentzek, Dennis Borger, Lukas Brehm and Noah Fürbringer. They call themselves a post-wave band. They were founded during their pop music design studies at the Popakademie in Mannheim. Their first EP "Kommissar" was released in summer 2018, the single of the same name has become an indie hit and was voted one of the ten best songs nationally in 2018 by Diffus magazine. In March and April Fibel are on live tour through Germany.

Video "Honesty"

Video "Commissioner"

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