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About us / News / 19. November 2019
Miriam Davoudvandi is speaker at the Konferenz Zukunft Pop

Diversity and equality are topics at Konferenz Zukunft Pop

19. November 2019

At the Zukunft Pop conference on Saturday, 30 November 2019, starting at 12 noon, experts from the music scene will address the themes of diversity and equal rights in pop music. Among the guests at the Popakademie in Mannheim will be Fiva MC, Mine, Novaa, Linus Volkmann, Cäthe and Miriam Davoudvandi.

On the concert stages of the event houses mostly male musicians perform. A similar picture can be seen at the major music festivals. How the "gender balance in live music" is one of the topics that music journalists Elena Witzeck and Linus Volkmann will talk about with artists Fiva, Mine and Cäthe and booker Zora Brändle at Zukunft Pop.

In a further discussion, the focus will be on the genre that is currently the best-selling genre and the question of "Diversity in German HipHop". Guests are the actors DJ Cashmiri, Linda-Philomène Tsoungui, Lina Burghausen and the journalists Lilly Amankwah and Malcolm Ohanwe.

In the third discussion, various female lecturers from universities take stock of "Gender justice in pop music education" and present new perspectives. The talks will be framed by workshops in the field of producing - led by the artist Novaa - and DJing with Cashmiri, who was recently allowed to play a live DJ set in the world-renowned "Boiler Room" series. In the evening there will be a free concert with MADANII, Mine and Cäthe.

Admission to the conference is free of charge. Prior Ticket reservationis required.

The conference format of the Popakademie was initiated ten years ago by Prof. Udo Dahmen and is funded by the Landesanstalt für Kommunikation Baden-Württemberg. Partners of the event are the Music Women BW.