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Marspol from the 20th Generation Bandpool

Bandpool organizes Showcase in Berlin

07. May 2019

Four of the bandpool bands from the 20th generation are off to Berlin. On Friday, May 24, the Berlin Auster Club will be on its last legs when the LIVE & LAUT concert of the Popakademie's young talent promotion program takes place there. Paul Weber, Marspol, Clock Clock and YéY will be on stage from 7 pm.

Paul Weber opens the evening with his music, which he himself describes as poetic pop with an Indian note and depth. Afterwards it gets a bit faster with German Indie-Pop/-Rock by Marspol, before electronic music meets acoustic music at the performance of Clock Clock. Last but not least the three guys from YéY are in a good mood with lots of bass and oriental spice.

After the concert evening, the Bandpool bands of the 20th and 21st generation will take advantage of the creative capital city atmosphere for one of the Bandpool weekends that take place regularly. The bands and artists of the young talent promotion programme will be coached by experts from the music industry. For example, they work on marketing concepts, existing song material or stage presence. The Bandpool team is currently supported by the three music business students Tim, Justus and Lennart, who work with the bands from the Bandpool for one year in the project workshop.

The LIVE & LAUT concert on May 24th at Auster Club Berlin starts at 7pm, admission is from 6pm. The entrance is free.

More information about the bands:
Paul Weber
Clock Clock