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Apache 207 © Paul Weling

Apache 207 and the Popakademie

03. July 2023

At the weekend, the artist Apache 207 gave two sold-out concerts at the Mannheim Castle. With 13500 fans each, the native of Mannheim celebrated his hits with an impressive show.

Apache 207 was supported by his band, which also includes pop academic Max Grund. The guitarist has been studying pop music design since 2020. Furthermore the team includes the DJ and producer Mr. Rawdriguez (Ruben Rodriguez) who was part of the first year of the pop music design study program and graduated in 2006.
But that is not the only connection of the German rapper to the Popakademie. His hit "Roller" was co-produced by former Pop Academy student Jennifer Allendörfer, better known as Suena.
He's also signed to the Feder Musik label, whose CEO Johannes Götz was a guest at an open house at the Popakademie just last week.