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About us / News / 20. April 2023
Julian Losigkeit © Sascha Schaefer

Student honored with sustainability award

20. April 2023

Julian Losigkeit, student of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, was awarded the Sustainability Prize of the City of Mannheim's Business Development Department for Students. The prize was awarded for the first time.

The Sustainability Award recognizes innovative student work and projects. The goal is to become climate-neutral by 2030 as one of the model cities for the EU mission. Students are crucial to the future viability of the city and region. The prize is worth 1,000 euros per university
Julian Losigkeit wins one of these prizes with his master's thesis "Studio work in times of climate emergency - hurdles and opportunities for climate-friendly music production". The drummer and producer examines how musicians can save as many CO2 emissions as possible. Among other things, he looks at logistics, equipment, working methods, building efficiency, green IT and distribution. With a survey he tried to determine the current state of the studio work in terms of sustainability. This was followed by the creation of a "Green Rider", which is intended to be a guideline for sustainable work in the recording studio.
Julian Losigkeit studies at the Popakademie for a master's degree in Popular Music. He is a drummer with listentojules, Hanna Sikasa, POLA and Thomas Siffling. He is also a producer at Atlas Tonstudio.
The award is not only a recognition for Julian Losigkeit's work, but also an incentive for others to work for environmental protection and to find sustainable solutions.