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Press / 27. January 2023

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The new season of the "Popakademie Sessions" - now on YouTube

27. January 2023

The Popakademie Sessions celebrate the start of their sixth season. The successful format presents a selection of talented artists from the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg. Until mid-March, the video productions of the newcomers will be published on the YouTube channel of the Popakademie. The live music series is conceived and produced by students of the music business program. The project is supported by YouTube and the Boutique Agentur Velvont.

The new season of the successful "Popakademie Sessions" is now available. Now in its sixth edition, the exclusive music sessions in video format present talented newcomers from the Popakademie. With over 500,000 views to date, the sessions have managed to establish themselves as a live video format for the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg with the help of YouTube's professional expertise and financial support.

"Every year, new musicians and creative minds come out of the Popakademie and take the music business by storm. The Popakademie Sessions on YouTube are now in their sixth year. We will never forget the great performances from the past seasons, e.g. from LORI, Trille, Engin or LEOPOLD. Through the format, students learn about the possibilities of YouTube in a practical way and get the chance to reach new fans. We are very excited to see which new talents we will discover on YouTube at the next Popakademie Sessions!", says Kiki Ganzemüller I EMEA Music Partnerships Google Germany

This year, the Altes Volksbad history workshop in Mannheim was used as filming location. This year, indie artist Juli Gilde, electro-acoustic duo EYPA from the world music program and German pop musician LUZIFA will perform amidst the unique backdrop of old brickwork and historic tub and shower baths.

The sessions are conceived and produced by students from the Popakademie's music business degree program. Since the beginning of November 2022, Magdalena Bojanowski, MK Krause, Ronja Polak and Tamay Tanc have been working together as a project group within the framework of the project workshop on the planning, implementation and presentation of the Popakademie Sessions.

The project is also supported by Velvont, a boutique content strategy agency in Berlin. Dominik Thumfart, a graduate of the Popakademie's Music & Creative Industries master's program and Managing Director at Velvont, is also acting as project manager for the Popakademie Sessions.

The sessions can now be viewed on the Popakademie's YouTube channel:

Outlook for all dates:
26/1/2023 Session 1: July Guild
02/2/2023 Focus track "Autofensterkurbel" + Question-Hail July Guilde
16/2/2023 Session 2: EYPA
23/2/2023 Focus track "Palmyra Sun شمس تدمر" + Question-Hail EYPA
09/3/2023 Session 3: LUZIFA
16/3/2023 Focus track "Harem ohne Scheich" + Question-Hail LUZIFA