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Press / 06. June 2024

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Bandpool and Jungbuschliebe organise Jungbuschsummer 24

06. June 2024

Following the Future Music Camp, the Jungbuschsummer24 will take place on Friday, June 7th and Saturday, June 8th. The programme starts at 6 pm on both days. The Popakademie Baden-Württemberg is organising the Street & Music Festival in Jungbusch for the first time this year. The acts on the open-air stage will be provided by the Popakademie's band pool. NEXT Mannheim is also involved.

Jungbusch is alive and vibrant and shows its summery side. Bands perform on an open-air stage along the Jungbusch Canal and there is food from the neighbourhood. The performances will come from Popakademie acts such as the current Bandpool Generation and Bandsupport.

‘We are delighted to bring the residents of the neighbourhood together with Popakademie students and bands from the band pool at the first Jungbuschsummer24 festival,’ says Michael Herberger, Business Director and Managing Director of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg.

On Friday, June 7th, the Popakademie and Bandpool acts will be playing from 6 pm:
From 6.30 pm NOSY (band support Mannheim)
From 19.50 PIYA (25th Bandpool Generation and Popakademie students)
Self-confident, virtuoso and courageous, yet fragile at the same time: somewhere between chanson, jazz, indie and pop, piya create their own world and their very own genre. The fusion of virtuoso piano playing, electronic and experimental instrumentation, airy pop elements and urgent lyricism could be called ‘nouvelle pop’ or ‘new German chanson’.
From 9.10 pm Nikra (26th Bandpool Generation and Popakademie students)
While many of the new generation only think about their own goals, such as career and nuclear family, there is one that is loud, for what is worth fighting for: Nikra is the symbol of a movement that can't sleep, didn't go to school on Fridays, lives diversity, whose anger is not understood, and that cries out for a future!

On Saturday June 8th, the Bandpool acts will be playing from 6pm:
From 6.30pm Kat Kit (26th Bandpool Generation)
From energetic, raw lines to fragile, breathy tones: Kat Kit breaks with the apparent contradiction
With her eyes closed, she draws cinematic landscapes of an introverted spirit on the piano.
From 19.50 Naomi Westlake (26th Bandpool Generation)
Naomi Westlake combines melancholic pop lyrics with driving beats to describe an atmosphere like on the way home after a night at the club.
From 21.10 Marlo Grosshardt (26th Bandpool Generation)
Marlo sings provocatively about the world that surrounds him. The 22-year-old from Hamburg puts his critical lyrics in a rough pop guise.

The Future Music Camp of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg will take place on Thursday June 6th and Friday June 7th. This year's focus is ‘Music Rights & Marketing’: