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Sunday Beats - EYPA

EYPA © Linda Stark
Sunday Beats, the joint concert series of the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg and Stadtpark Mannheim, is already entering its sixth round in 2024!
On August 18th 2024 you can look forward to EYPA!

The Mannheim electro duo EYPA - consisting of Paul-Aaron Wolf (synthesizer and percussion) and Eyad Ghannam (e-oud) - combines Western sound art with pulsating beats to create an electro-acoustic sound of warm oriental colours.
Synthesizer and oud (a short-necked lute from the Middle East) create an oriental soundscape, drum machines and various frame drums provide the vibe and groove, both in the club and at open-air events. Composition and improvisation merge into a trance and turn every live set into a unique show.

Admission to the concert is free, admission to the park is €4, students pay €3, children/young people up to the age of 15 pay €2.50.