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About us / News / 13. August 2021

Popakademie launches TikTok channel as FSJ culture project

13. August 2021

The Pop Academy launched its new TikTok channel with a trailer for the tour. The channel is a project by Laura Schaudt, who has been doing her Voluntary Social Year of Culture in Popular Music at the Pop Academy since September 2020.

On the channel, for example, teasers for events, the Popakademie sessions and excerpts from the Podcast of the Popakademie are posted.

For six years now, young people interested in culture have had the opportunity to look behind the scenes at the Popakademie as part of the FSJ Kultur program. The volunteer program enables young people to engage in cultural activities for a year after school, to orient themselves and to develop personally. In addition to the Pop Academy's day-to-day work in the various departments, the FSJers learn the most important know-how for the culture and media industry at the regular educational seminars. The sponsor of the Voluntary Social Year in Culture is the Landesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung Baden-Württemberg.

The TikTok channel will continue to exist after Laura's one-year FSJ and will be filled with content by future FSJers at the Popakademie.