With its courses of study and unique combination of music and business practice, the Popakademie Baden Wuerttemberg stands out among higher education institutions. Our goal is to set standards with the quality of our education, which is why we deliberately keep the number of students low. Small course sizes and therefore increased interactivity with the lecturers is an important benefit at the Popakademie. The contents of the courses, teaching methods and didactics undergo regular quality checks. For this purpose, feedback from our students is equally important as the adjustment of our curriculum to the changing requirements of the music business.
As a young university, the Popakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg offers modern courses of study that are based on the following principles:

Firstly the interlinking of the two courses of study, to open up new horizons and make all students aware of the various perspectives of both the artistic and business sides.

Secondly the practical focus of the teaching, which is ensured by the numerous lecturers who are active in the industry and by work on business or band projects.

Thirdly the individual support for every single student, which is made possible by the small size of the courses as well as the open communication with the directors and staff.

Fourthly the formation of an active network between the Popakademie, business, higher education institutes, international institutions and students.


Degree Programs

Being a successful musician means being both passionate about your instrument as well as being creative. At the same time society changes, markets mature, and musical trends come and go. In the digital age, there is a need for new approaches to artist development, marketing and the collaboration between creative heads and users. The market today also craves musicians who not only have the ability to approach music with fresh ideas but also courage to develop their own style.

The Popakademie faces these challenges by offering two Bachelor of Arts degree programs (“Pop Music Design”, “Music Business”) as well two Master of Arts degree programs (“Popular Music”, “Music and Creative Industries”).


Bachelor of Arts
  • Degree program: “Pop Music Design” / “Music Business” / "World Music"
  • Duration: 6 terms
  • Internships: 2x12 weeks (after the 2nd and 4th term) in "Pop Music Design" and "Music Business", 1x12 weeks (in the 5th term) in "World Music"
  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts
  • Tuition: none
  • Degree program admission only during the winter term

Master of Arts 
  • Degree program: “Popular Music” / “Music and Creative Industries”
  • Duration: 4 terms
  • One internship: 12 weeks (mandatory for Music and Creative Industries)
  • Degree: Master of Arts
  • Tuition: none
  • Degree program admission only during the winter term



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