About us / Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct of the Popakademie

The Popakademie feels obliged to create a positive study and working atmosphere in every respect.

We believe that all students, staff, teachers and visitors have the right to be treated equally and with dignity and respect and to meet each other in mutual esteem.

We are committed to creating a supportive environment for just that and, moreover, an atmosphere that fosters an open culture of support and exchange - free from bullying, harassment, border-crossing, abuse of power and discrimination.

Everyone who learns and works here respects the diversity of others. This house is a safe place, a place of creative challenge and is sustained by the spirit of a creative, artistic and respectful community. This includes accepting, respecting and appreciating every artistic practice, no matter in which way or form.

If you have any questions about these topics, or...
  • You feel insecure,
  • don't know exactly how to behave or who to turn to
  • fear a lack of discretion,
  • You feel restricted in your studies,
  • You feel discriminated against, are verbally or physically harassed or have even been or are being subjected to verbal or physical violence
it is imperative that you seek contact with a person you trust.
There is no reason to be ashamed or fear any disadvantages.

What does discrimination mean?

If you are due to
  • Your sex
  • Your origin
  • Your age
  • Your social position
  • Your appearance
  • Your language
  • your religious affiliation
  • your political/ideological stance
  • your sexual orientation
  • a mental, physical or psychological impairment
  • being permanently disadvantaged and/or exploited by others or a person is discrimination that cannot be tolerated.

(Sexual) Harassment?

includes any unwanted clear or ambiguous verbal or physical approximation.
(Sexual) harassment can be very subtle or can take very clear forms.


is a persistent and systematic behaviour that serves to create hostility and harassment in studies and at work. If you feel restricted in your personal rights or well-being, you are most likely the victim of a bullying campaign.

Get active -

In all these cases please contact one of the persons of trust listed below.
In principle, all managers are potential contact persons and will gladly and discreetly put you in touch with the person who can help you with your problem.
Exclusion and harassment are not tolerated in any form. Those affected receive competent help and have the right to discretion.

Persons of trust:
Marion Fluck
Project Assistant World Music
1st floor, room 118
Prof. Dr. Nina Schneider
Music and Creatives Industries Degree Program Director
3rd floor, room 321