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Popakademie Stories

What's the Popakademie sound like? Where do our alumni actually work? And what exciting projects are realized at the Popakademie?

Popakademie Stories introduces artists of the Popakademie and our Bandpool programme and asks graduates what paths they have taken after their studies at the Popakademie. Stories about educational music projects or the Project Factory also find their place here.


Something beautiful with substance

27. November 2019

Article by Arnilukka Zorner (FSJ Culture)

FIBEL - short, crisp and above all memorable! The latter is not only the name, but also the music of the four-piece band. Jonas (vocals), Lukas (bass), Dennis (guitar) and Noah (drums) got to know each other at the Popakademie in Mannheim and since then convince with their German and very allegorical lyrics. They all come from the confusion of Jonas' thoughts. "My goal is to express myself as much as everything runs through my head. I want to capture exactly what is happening in my head."

Further information only available in German.