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Popakademie and Diversity

For many years, the Popakademie has been an institution of tolerance and freedom for all those who study, teach or work in our institution. Regardless of their origins, backgrounds, religious or ideological attitudes or sexual orientation. We are in solidarity with all those who oppose racism and the restriction of tolerance, respect and appreciation. We want to be the place for all in their diversity and commonality. This includes a peaceful and friendly exchange and discourse on all topics that are important in this context: Discrimination, racism, intolerance, disparaging behaviour and contemptuous speech towards others, but also unconscious discrimination. In the future we will strengthen our institution for students and lecturers in order to actively support diversity, to listen and to develop ourselves further. We want to work towards being more sensitive and taking action where there is a risk that the rights of our students, lecturers and staff will be restricted or violated.

We know that large parts of popular culture would not be conceivable without the sources, inventions and developments of African, Afro-American, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Brazilian culture. To this day, decisive impulses for popular music come from these cultures.
All of us who belong to the European culture have learned from these cultures through appropriation and have adapted them into our own creative work. The forms of appropriation will be discussed in a process.

We want to learn to question ourselves and to take on new, different perspectives in order to possibly derive new forms of behaviour for the future. At the same time we want to show what we intend to set in motion or/and also show what has already happened in the Popakademie in terms of greater understanding and understanding between cultures.