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Mannheim Songbook No. 01

Cover Mannheim Songbook No. 01


Nineteen bands of the Popakademie. Songs from the past three years.
More than pop. All kind of genres of popular music.
That's what it's all about.


The Astronaut's Eye01 The Astronaut‘s Eye

Song: Satellite
Members: Sebastian Brödner, Malte Horstmann, Jonathan Kluth (ex.), Lucas Müller, Julian Scharpf
Since: 2009
Genre: Indie / pop / electro
Recent release: Illumination EP (2010)
-    Satellite is the theme song of a TV-series
-    Gigs with Cold War Kids, Get Well Soon, and Kaki King
-    Gigs at the Expo in Shanghai, and at the MIDEM 2011
-    On the German SXSW Sampler „Wunderbar“ 2011
Get to know: The Astronaut‘s Eye, the eye of the astronaut, tells from a new, unusual point of view and enjoys one privilege: it sees through things.
Meet on:

The Astronaut's Eye - Satellite by The Astronaut's Eye

Mikroboy02 Mikroboy

Song: Nichts ist umsonst (Nothing is for free)
Members: Michael Ludes, Kai Steffen Müller, Tobias Noormann
Since: 2003
Genre: Indie pop
Recent release: Album „ Nichts ist umsonst“
-    Participants at the Bundesvision Songcontest 2010
-    More than 200 gigs in Germany
Get to know: Mikroboy's guitar driven and complex sound meets the charming mix of a little bit Atari nostalgia, keybord clouds, or once in a while a piano that is in search for a melody. The magazine „Musikmarkt“ (music market) calls Mikroboy „ein junges Gestirn an Deutschlands Musikmelancholiker-Himmel" (a young star on Germany's melancholia-sky of musicians).
Meet on:

Nichts ist umsonst by Mikroboy


Franz White03 Franz White

Song: Colour me
Members: Franz Weischet, Raphael Bartel, Pit Banzhaf
Since: 2007 (since 2010 a trio)
Genre: Minimalist / pop
Recent release: Album „Colour Me“
-    2009 support act for Kate Nash at the Sputnik Studio
-    „Straßenmusik-Wohnzimmerkonzert-Grillparty-Sommer-Tour 2009" (Street music-living room concert-barbecue-summer-tour 2009)
Get to know: A drum, a guitar, and the voice of Franz are enough to give insight into the depths of human nature, to separate itself from it, and to talk to the whole world at the same time.
Meet on:

Colour Me by franzwhite


Marie and the RedCat04 Marie & The Redcat

Song: So many birds
Members: Lisa Marie Neumann, Florian Donaubauer, Johann Seifert, Bino Engelmann, Wolfgang Morenz
Since: 2008
Genre: Acoustic pop
Recent release: EP „Golden Cage“
-    Support act for Söhne Mannheims
-    Gig at Arena of Pop, Mannheim
-    PopCamp participants 2010
Get to know: Cosy and exciting at the same time - music for cuddling. Close your eyes and dance or just listen to the lyrics. Freak out or do whatever you wanna do - but: switch off your mind and enjoy!
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Betty Dittrich

05 Betty Dittrich
You and I were gonna be lovers
Since: 2010
Genre: Pop
-    author at Universal Music Publishing
-    is producing her debut album
Get to know: Betty is a Swedish singer and multi-instrumentalist. She grew up in a family of musicians and music is a part of her life since early childhood. Her music has a whiff of pop elements from the 60s and 70s and comes to life through Betty's energy and emotion.
Meet on:

You And I Were Gonna Be Lovers by Betty Dittrich


The Intersphere06 The Intersphere

Song: Prodigy Composers
Members: Christoph Hessler, Thomas Zipner, Sebastian Wagner, Moritz Müller
Since: 2006
Genre: Rock / alternative / progressive
Recent release: „interspheres><atmospheres“
-    Worldwide release of "Interspheres><Atmospheres" through American label Progrockrecords
-    Rock am Ring 2007 and 2009
-    About 200 concerts (in GER-A-CH-NL-RO-HR-TR)
Get to know: A band that sounds like "Pink Floyd“ and "The Mars Volta“ are smoking one or two funny cigarettes together and discuss concept albums and exceptionally gifted drummers, and in the end of the night recipes for the perfect song.
Meet on:   Prodigy Composers by TheIntersphere   

Abby07 Abby

Song: Evelyn
Members: Filou, Philipp, David, Lorenzo, Henne
Since: 2008
Genre: Indie / electro acoustic
Recent release: Welcome Home (EP) (Snowhite/Universal)
-    played shows with "Trail Of Dead", "The Virgins", „Mikroboy“, "Everything Everything", "Get Well Soon", and "The Kilians"
-    The band has perfomed in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Lithuania, France, and Iceland (Iceland Airwaves Festival).
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Wolle08 Wolle

Song: Weißt du noch (Do you still remember)
Mitglieder: Wolfgang Morenz, Christoph Kilgenstein, Florian Donaubauer, Johannes Nebel, Stefan Wandel
Since: 2009
Genre: German singer / songwriter
- Debut album „Geradeaus“ (Straight forward) 2006
- Gig at Rock am Ring 2008
Get to know: „Wolle“ (wool) is not a cheap fabric but a solid handcraft made by professional musicians with a big red threat of commitment. Every song is supposed to get under one's skin and from there into the heart, the mind, and the legs. The band is followed like a ladder by the thought of creating perfect moments with their music.
Meet on:
Weißt Du noch

Elen Kaiser09 Elen Kaiser

Song: Einsam wach (Awake alone)
Genre: Electro / pop
-    Debut album released in 2008
Get to know: Elen Kaiser lets disco balls rise into the sky so that everyone again believes that partying princesses, who are into electro driven beats and sparkling synthie grooves, exist. She has to say a lot about danceable electro music, and she wraps her lyrics charmingly into trendy tunes. When partying in a small apartment, Paul Kalbrenner and Mia would probably be her favourite neighbours.
Meet on:
Einsam wach

fcuk_reality10 fcuk_reality

Song: Colors
Members: Andreas Ohnhaus, Sascha Ebert
Since: 2009
Genre: Electro / pop
-    Andreas Ohnhaus is a singer and songwriter. Thanks to his musical range he writes and sings for various projects across all kinds of genres. He has worked for Warner Chapell and Echozone Music.
-    Sascha Ebert is a producer and remixer for dance music and has worked with acts like Kate Ryan and Novaspace.
Get to know: The electro duo "fcuk_reality" first came to life during the international songwriter week in 2009. Singer Andreas and producer Sascha headed for electro music. They are currently working on their first EP.

zoo_reality - Colors (Single vs Club Preview) by semTrax


Anneli Bentler11 Anneli Bentler

Song: Under the sea
Genre: Synthie pop
Get to know: Anneli is a multi-instrumentalist who enrolled at the Pop Academy after receiving an education in classical music.  She creates graceful spheres with her songs.
Meet on:


Luis und Laserpower12 Luis und Laserpower

Song: Superheld 2000
Members: Luis, Judith, Sebl, Henne
Since: 2006
Genre: Rock / hip hop
Recent release: EP „Superheld 2000"
-    Winner at Play Live 2008
-    Winner at Local Hereos 2008
-    Gigs with Juli, Deichkind, Mia, Ohrbooten, and Turbostaat
Get to know: Whether broken warp driver or toxic catering: this team is unstoppable.
Meet on: Superheld 2000 by luisundlaserpower

Actionteam13 Actionteam

Song: Action Action
Members: Jim Toronto,Pete Bohne, Chuck 'Eisenhieb' Weber, Jacques Michel
Since: 2006
Genre: Rock / trash / action
Recent release: Album „Die Platte, von der alle reden“ (2010) (The CD everyone is talking about)
-    Radio Regenbogen Talent Award
-    Rock am Ring, Rock im Park 2010
-    Album release KLINKT
Get to know: From chipping come chips.
Meet on:

Das Actionteam - "Action Action" by motorde


Reich und Schön14 Reich und Schön

Song: Klebrig (Sticky)
Members: Julius Reich, Nils Becker, Marius Klupp, Konrad Blasberg, Thorsten Rheinschmidt
Since: 2007
Genre: Pop / soul
Recent release: EP „Kleine Gesten“ (Little gestures)
-    Xavier Naidoo about Reich und Schön: „Ich kenne keinen, der Krawatte trägt und trotzdem so viel Soul in der Stimme hat.“ (I don't know anybody who is wearing ties and has so much soul in his voice at the same time.)
Get to know: Reich und Schön shine with disarming German lyrics, and songs far from any cliché. With their mix of soul, pop, and funk, they join artists like Udo Lindenberg, Rio Reiser, and Clueso.
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Polo15 Polo

Song: Get out
Members: Michael Rückert, Matthias Rückert, David LaPlant, Raffael Lewczuk
Since: 2009
Genre: Pop / rock
Recent release: EP „Are You Ready To Come Home?”
Get to know: Polo skilfully keeps the balance between epic piano passages and impellent beats. An epic spherical sound meets beautiful melodies. Michael's striking voice turns music into seizable poetry. calls them „die vielversprechendsten deutschen Musiker dieses Herbstes” (this autumn's most promising German musicians) (2010).
Meet on:

Polo - Get Out by Listen To Polo


David Lemaitre16 David Lemaitre

Song: Jacques Cousteau
Members: David Lemaitre, Philipp (das Orchester) Thimm
Genre: Folk / electronica
Recent release: EP „Valediction" (2010)
-    Support act for Chris Garneu, Tunng, and Get Well soon

-    performanced at Melt! Festival
Get to know: David Lemaitre writes and produces his music by himself and is accompanied on stage by Philipp (the orchestra) Thimm. It is said that from time to time people in the audience are seen crying - but noone ever really knows why.
Meet on: Jacques Cousteau by lemaitre

Alina Wichmann17 Alina Wichmann

Song: Attack
The Song: The song is a result of the songwriter week in 2010, which takes place every semester. Under the guidance of international top-class songwritern, teams of Pop Academy's producing und songwriting students work on songs commisioned by the music industry.
-    Sang the German and American national anthems in front of 13.000 people at the SAP arena in Mannheim before the eishocky game San Jose Sharks versus Adler Mannheim in October 2010.
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Timmy Rough18 Timmy Rough

Song: Medicine man
Since: 2006
Genre: Rock
-    Debut album in 2011
Get to know: „Die Kids lieben Rock and Roll, viele wissen es nur noch nicht …“ (The kids love Rock and Roll - most of them just don't know it yet...) is Timmy Rough's motto. Up to now this has led him to stages of small pubs as well as of big open air festivals. He has performed with Jon Lord and Molly Hatchet.
Meet on:

MBWTEYP19 My Baby Wants To Eat Your Pussy

Song: Ginger

Members: Ziggy Has Ardeur, The Tiff, Eva D, Donni Bella Luna, Ray Gattner
Since: 2004
Genre: Artrock
Recent release: EP „Grace Is A Beautiful Thing To Lose, My Friend" (2010)
-    Live Entertainment Award „Best Club Act 2009“
-    4 tours through 6 countries and over 200 gigs
Get to know: A band who spreads inspiration and innovation thorugh their spectacular songs and thrilling free spirit.
Meet on: MBWTEYP - Grace Is A Beatiful Thing To Lose, My Friend - Ginger by MBWTEYP


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